How did Jesus look like?


"He has no form or majesty that we should look upon Him, nor  appearance that we should be attracted to Him" (Isaiah 53:2).
Over the years people have created different images of Jesus and how he looked like. Did he have blue green , brown eyes, was his hair long, was he white or since he lived in Israel, was he tanned? They have chosen many actors in movies to represent Jesus, each according to what the producer thought Jesus looked like.
Does it really matter how Jesus looked like? Does it change anything about Him if he was white or black, green eyed or brown eyed? Jesus is in everyone of us, he looks like each one of us, Is He Arabic, Jewish, African, Hindi, ...... Yes He is, He is every culture and every nationality.
Well, may be i can help those looking for an image of Jesus, I know some things about His features, i know that in his eyes people have seen an honest look, his hand were strong and tender, his mouth spoke words that changed and still changing people's lives, his heart was big enough to love, his body was pure and his blood was given to us to live the eternal life.
"He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in His mouth" (1 Peter 2:22).

 This is Jesus that i know this is Jesus that i love. It doesn't matter what Jesus looked like, because the important thing is to believe in him. After he rose from the dead, Jesus told his disciple Thomas, "Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed" (John 20:29).
Rather than getting our information about Jesus from TV, art, or philosophy, he is asking all of us to come to know him through the Scriptures, God's Word. He wants us to go to Him ourselves and let Him teach us about himself.
The truth is one should not ask how Jesus looked like, we should ask what is Jesus for each and every one of us?
By: Elian Daher 
 A path to follow

 I stood once between two paths staring wondering which one I should choose
Do I just take the one everyone else did so nothing I would loose?
Or should I take the one not so many did follow?
So many times I wondered should I go left or right standing in the middle so hollow

If I follow the trail of everyone else, do I leave a new mark?
How am I going to do this do I guess, do I bet and go on a way so dark?
Or do I just follow someone’s dream and become their shadow
Is life all about chances and will I throw my life into a dead meadow?

On this cross road I looked back to my experiences and my life choices
At that moment in my heart I felt a flame and in my head all these voices
It was time to reflect upon what I learned without fear or confusion
Oh I can jump I can celebrate finally I came into a conclusion
There lies a trail that once a man left for me and it was right in front of my eyes
He held me all through the years and loved me and heard my cries
He is the One who changed my life, the One who has these unique footsteps
Selfish and lost I was standing there in the middle thinking of all the concepts
While the answer was right there before me a road that will never fail
It might be the one that not so many will follow but it is definitely the right trail.

By: Elian Daher


Finding One's self
  By : Elian Daher

 It is amazing how we all at some point wonder
Who we are and what it takes to make us stronger
So we start our journey of searching within and wondering around
But alas that ability that talent is no where to be found
Were we born just to be? Could this soul be of any worth?
What is the reason of our existence, why are we here on earth?

Then there comes the moment of truth, when we feel so low
After being imprisoned within ourselves thinking there is no way to go
We have spent so much time looking for what’s hidden
Inside our being that thing that makes us special and self-driven
In this journey we loose our self and we wear a different cape
May be this way we will be content, not knowing we are trying to escape
Who we really are and how God since the beginning of creation
Molded us and drew every step, every line and every situation
He made each one of us according to His will so special and so unique
He did not create us empty or lost; He did not imprison us or make us weak

We were His perfect creation, since the beginning into us life He has breathed
God created us in His own image, not for a moment He hesitated or seethed
To find who we are we need to experience God’s grace and understand his love
Then all we are looking for is clear and pure, wisdom starts raining from above
We have to realize that blessings are not packaged the way we expect
That they are all around us, if we embrace God’s love and his voice we don’t reject
Arise said the Lord from your sleep be awakened and believe in thee
And I shall give you your heart desires, I will show your talents if you just trust in me.

By Elian Daher


I shall be alive

   By : Elian Daher

When I think of home, in my heart grows love and pain
In it’s meadows I ran, under its trees I played; I walked under its rain
It is there where I flew my kites and swam in the pure streams
It is where I laid most of my hopes, my thoughts my dreams

My country was bleeding; from not so far you can hear the strafe
There was war, death and suffering but somehow I felt so safe
I got used to the sounds of planes, the pressure of its bombs
But still I was that free kid, and to that country I belonged
Sometimes there were silent nights full of fear of the unknown
And yet somehow we woke up the next day not with a single frown
I can still smell the breeze and the flowers in my mother’s yard
To leave that country was heart breaking and so hard

I was angry, sad, and empty, so I questioned the Lord
Why would He snatch me from my land, why my pleas He ignored
I waited so patiently for a sign, a whisper a glimpse of hope
But for a while I could not hear God’s voice and I could not cope
Then suddenly I heard Him say, My child can’t you see the light?
Don’t you know that as long as you are with me you do not have to fight?
Get up and run, for where ever you are, where ever you go, you are free
As long as you know that I love you and that you can always count on me
The whole world is yours, get up and fly your kite
I am here with you; I am here with you just follow my light
So I got up and I did what my Lord said
And I realized that my home is where I lay my head
I trusted God’s plan and joy filled my soul
I felt so strong so free I finally felt so whole

The land I left I love, I miss and to it I will always be faithful
The land that opened its arms to me I adore and to it I am grateful
My Lord wanted to teach me a lesson to survive
That only by His love I shall be alive.

By: Elian Daher






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