We have 22 years of TV production experience.
(Documentaries to short movies, promos, video clips, editing, graphics, directing, websites design).

 Klayaa.com is one of our productions  and it is  done as a dedication from the son of Klayaa to his beloved town and its people. People sometimes take things for granted, the way they live, where they live, and how they live. Unfortunately I was one of those people who were sick of war and the way of living in a small prison as we used to call it. I just wanted to leave and go to a place where you can have peace of mind and soul. Now after many years away from my home, the place I grew up in and the place that has all the memories I feel how ungrateful we were to the town and the place that gave us so much even though there was not much to offer, but  what our town offered was enough to make us the strong and smart people we are today. I know that our town and the sons and daughters of klayaa have been through a lot throughout the years and even with all the wars and the trails our town and it's children still stand strong against all odds. For a long time I had the vision of  making a website for our beautiful town Klayaa and today this vision became reality.

God Bless

Abdallah  Daher

For more information, please write us:

 A Daher  Wild Productions




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